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Carolina Alotus

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Cyprus Sunset

Sunflower 3

Welcome to my world of flowers!

Look very closely at a flower and you'll discover a new world that consists of stamen, pistils, pollen and petals. A whole universe in every blossom. From the flower a seed is born, bursting with the power of life, ready to grow, stretch towards the sun and create a perfect piece of art -- a new flower; which in turn produces new seeds, linked to the chain of eternity and life force. Mother Nature gives us this surplus of living, vibrantly colorful creations of art, filled with life, pure outlines and fantastic shapes.

I love to observe these perfect works of art. My purpose is to transmit the feeling of reverence and humility I feel for nature, and especially for flowers. I want to freeze an instant of this beauty and place it under a magnifying glass to see the entirety and greatness in this micro cosmos.

All of Carolina's paintings are acrylic on canvas. Most are painted in her current home of Cyprus, but a few are painted in Sweden, her country of origin.

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