Alice Flynn

Born in Montana in 1951, Alice Flynn earned a degree in Fine Art at Montana State University in 1974. Her mother's passion for gardening, and the vast natural beauty of her home, were early influences in forming Alice's love of nature. Growing up between Glacier National Park in the north, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks to the south, it is no wonder that Alice has chosen natural elements for artistic subject matter.

Working mainly in the media of painting and printmaking, Alice has pursued a career in both fine art and commercial illustration. Working in a very wide range of styles and subject matter, Alice has spent over 15 years creating designs for souvenir shirts for National Parks and resort gift shops, from Hawaii to Maine. If you have a souvenir shirt of Half Dome in Yosemite, a moose in Yellowstone, or dogwood from the Smoky Mountains, you may have a design created by Alice.

Alice writes, "One of my clients, Earth Creations, located in Alabama, dyes shirts with natural clay dyes in a unique process they have developed. Another company, Second Skin, in Toronto, Canada, embroiders garments with whimsical wildlife designs I have created. Living and working in Montana, I can develop a unique line of designs for each of my clients who are located in other states and in Canada. Using the internet has made this an even faster and easier process."

The grand-daughter of Irish immigrants, Alice is also devoted to preserving the tradition of Celtic music. With her soprano voice, she shares her heritage with others who attend a weekly Irish music session in the town of Bozeman, Montana.

Alice's website is richly illustrated with detailed nature renderings, and contains many interesting links to explore regarding Montana, Ireland, traditional music, birds, butterflies, gardening and more. If you find yourself being stressed by work or life, take a break and visit Alice's website!

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