Andy Sears

I started out my career as a cartoon artist by being published in the local newspaper, I received a check for one dollar, big money for a 10-year-old in 1956. I loved drawing, it was my ticket to a happy childhood. Too soon it was time to leave childish things behind and earn my way in the world. I got married went to college and graduated with a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture. I made my living doing this and raised a family.

For many years, I stuffed my childhood dreams, (I didn't think drawing cartoons was a productive use of time for an adult, and most everybody agreed with me.) It wasn't until my middle years that I started drawing cartoons again. I decided to draw ski greeting cards and see if I could sell them at the local ski resorts, here in Utah. To my surprise people bought them! It finally dawned on me, maybe I do what I love to do and things will just work themselves out.

I now draw ski cards and greeting cards for fun, and things work out. More recently I have been drawing my cartoon art on a computer. The computer has opened up a big new world -- the Internet. I also now have my own website, named for King, my first and best childhood dog friend. On the site, I sell my cards, wholesale and retail.

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