Aviva Rossi

As a biologist, I get to see many of nature's beautiful moments - I take pictures to share the moments and the cause with other people. Many of the scenes that nature provides are unbelievable to someone who hasn't seen it. Being able to show someone a picture of the animal, behavior, or landscape does more to share that moment than a story alone. For conservation efforts, showing images of scenes that aren't usually accessible, such as seabird nesting colonies, goes a long way toward truly sharing why a resource is valuable. The majority of my photographs are from California or the Pacific islands.

I have been playing with photography for about 15 years. I started taking photography courses as electives in junior high, and a few in college. Since then, I have just been enjoying sharing the pictures that I get to take on hikes and travel. Wildlife and the natural world have always been my main entertainment, and a focus of my photography. I am just beginning to share my work with a broader audience.

featured image

Brown Booby Pair