Originally from Vietnam, Bijoujade lives in Geneva, Switzerland. Since her childhood, Bijoujade has practiced different techniques of artwork : painting, carving, designing of jewelry.

The following is a resume from an interview with Bijoujade.

What kind of artwork do you practice?

I am a professional artist in design of jewelry. I also practice painting, photography, e-cards design, digital art. One of my wishes is to communicate my passion of digital art and that this art would be fully recognized by the art world.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Everywhere! Mainly from nature, human portraits and bodies. I have the chance to live in Switzerland, a beautiful country where the nature is very present.

Where can we see your artwork?

I participate regularly in artistic exhibitions in Switzerland and France. If you come to Geneva, Switzerland and wish to visit my workshop here, you are welcomed! I also exhibit my artwork on my personal website.

featured image

Fairy Lilies