Bill Plotkin

"Did you draw that?" was the primary question that kept getting asked of me, while I sat at my telemarketing desk. It was August of 1999, and I was making phone calls for a large company in Florida. I have been a salesman for almost 20 years and am a master of that skill. It all happened out of sheer boredom; I picked up a pen and started drawing pictures of my dogs. The person sitting next to me asked, "How many years have you been drawing?"

"Years? You mean minutes," was my reply.

Others also began to compliment the drawings scribbled in my 3 x 5 memo book. My wife was amazed at the work I had done. I went to the library and book store, borrowed and purchased over 100 books and soon discovered my best enjoyment came from watercolor and chalk-pastel. I have picked up many hobbies in the past, but none with as much perseverance, love and soul as drawing and painting. I get lost in this pursuit -- as time melts away, my hand and eyes move and create. My greatest surprise was coming home from work and finding an art desk and supplies -- a present from my wife with all her love and support. My wife and I are now producing a series of children's books, backed by her talent as a writer, and mine as an artist. For those interested, I am willing to paint contracted requests too.

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Red Palms