Brent Reed

Brent Reed, a native of Toronto, Canada, is a freelance photographer living in St. Louis, USA. He has been taking beautiful photos of nature, landscapes, travel, and people for almost 25 years.

Some of Brent's earliest interests in photography came from reading books by Freeman Patterson that inspired him to try to create images, rather than simply take pictures. Brent says he enjoys photographing nature, wildlife and landscape subjects because they allow him the freedom for creative expression. "You can create unique macro images, or abstract/conceptual patterns. The lines, colors, shapes, patterns and textures in nature can be interpreted so many different ways that I always return to nature photography when I'm in a creative slump."

In addition to his portfolio of stock photographs, Brent's work includes assignments for architectural firms, chemical companies, book publishers, magazines, multimedia software developers, small businesses and model agencies. The few images we have on display at E-Cards are just a small sample of his wide array of top-quality photographs.

"I believe that one of the principal motivations for any artist, is to have their work seen and critically reviewed by their peers. Very few artists operate in a vacuum. It's very satisfying when someone writes to tell me how a particular image makes them feel, rather than compliment the technique or lens choice involved in making the photograph."

If you are interested in using any of Brent's images, are looking for a freelance photographer or simply want to enjoy more of Brent's work, please visit his web site, which has been awarded "Top Photo-Design Award" and Stock Solution's photographic site of the week!

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Green Lake Sunset