Caz Novak

Caz Novak was born in 1965 in Wellington, New Zealand and completed a three-year course at Wellington College of Education, majoring in art. She then went on to pursue her teaching career, incorporating her passion for the creative. During this time Caz regularly ran art extension classes for children and adults in a variety of media. These classes, coupled with Caz's enthusiasm for vibrant color, have assisted in developing her sgraffito technique and Fauvist approach.

Caz now lives on a beautiful West Coast beach in Taranaki, New Zealand. Some of her work is directly inspired by this environment, while other pieces depict her travels in Europe and the Pacific Islands. Recently her work has featured in NZ House & Garden magazine (June 1999). Caz is represented in Melbourne, Australia by Delshan Modern Art Gallery. Caz also paints to commission.

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Beach Dwellers