CherylAnne Salle

"My first and last camera will always be my eyes." - Cherylanne

I am a lover of animals, nature, skies, landscapes, art, dance, music, travel, writings, outdoors, psychology and the mysteries of life.

I guess all those special alone times I found as a child, nestled within my "Nature's Fort" listening to sounds, smelling scents, watching bees buzz past and daydreaming upwards into the Heavens, were not a waste of my time after all.

I would study images over and over, every line, every shade, every movement, every inch, everything of what my eyes could see. I would quickly blink and "freeze frame" that moment in time forever, wishing I could show others what I saw.

I highly attribute my finding an outlet to express the beauty I saw, and see, to my very best friend I was soon to meet. He gave me the greatest gifts anyone could have ever given me, my camera, and the freedom to express. The two missing keys that unlocked my soul's need to create. He even has gone so far as to give me his last roll of film so I can get that one section of sky I've just got to capture. I dedicate my expressions and impressions in photography to my very best friend, Grae.

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Swimming Seals