Chris Woods

I'm Chris Woods and I earned degrees in both art and accounting from Illinois State University. Creativity in any form is such a great part of life. For me, it's totally playtime and a fun challenge to come up with a card design that has the sense of warmth, fun and humor that I want all my cards to convey. So it really pleases me when one of my cards makes someone feel good enough to want to send it to someone they care about.

I've met lots of great people through my artwork and note cards so not only do I love the process of creating note cards, I also love the sense of connectedness to anyone who appreciates them, anyone they make contact with, many of whom I may never meet. I remember a movie called 'Conagher', based on a Louis L'Amour story, in which a pioneer woman named Evie.... living alone with her two children in a remote part of the western prairie frontier in the 1800's. The only company they have are passing cowboys and the seasonal stage coach passengers for which her homestead serves as a way station. Evie appreciates literature and writes her own poems. In order to express herself and communicate with anyone out of the loneliness of isolation, she writes her verses on small pieces of paper that she ties to passing tumbleweeds before sending them on their way again. The poems are found and read by the cowboys working in and traveling through the area. One cowboy in particular collects all the tumbleweed poems he finds. So while there are other creative paths that I want to play with, learn more about and explore, I'll continue to design note cards because they are my tumbleweeds.... that part of me and my creativity that goes on a serendipitous journey to connect with people I may never know in places near and far.

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Wild Iris