Danene Warnock

Although born and raised in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which remains a special place in my heart, I've had a chance to travel and experience some of the differences that make each part of the world special. I've lived in Greece and Iceland, and visited China, Korea, Japan, parts of western Europe, and a good portion of the U.S. I now have the good fortune to be living in Hawaii, a veritable treasure house of nature and culture. A degree in cultural anthropology and the art and natural science training I've had, enhance my perspective and appreciation of what is unique and wonderful in any given area, whether cultural or natural.

With an eclectic art background which includes illustration, watercolor, sculpture, and computer graphics, I guess it was inevitable that at some point I'd be bitten by the photography bug. Photography has become my favorite way to share my passion and love for the natural world, and hopefully engender and nurture in others a like appreciation for nature, and a desire to be mindful about the way we live and how we affect the world around us. Digital photography allows me to indulge my creative interest without the additional environmental impacts associated with traditional film photography.

Pen-and-ink works I donated to the Hawaiian Audubon Society were used on promotional t-shirts, and I hope to turn my photographic hobby into a means to make money to help support various constructive conservation programs. Successful conservation efforts require donations of both time and money. I am involved in several coral reef conservation groups which involve spending time in the water surveying the reef life, and on the beach educating visitors and locals alike on how they can enjoy the ocean with the least amount of harmful impact (to both themselves and the reef). I am aware that it is through similar efforts made by volunteers all over the world, that there are still natural areas and wildlife to photograph, for which I am very thankful, and it is a privilege to contribute what I am able.

E-Cards has been my postcard website of choice since I first came upon it several years ago. My friends and I send E-Cards and have derived much pleasure from the artwork posted there. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to reciprocate and share some of my favorite photos with others.

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Hibiscus Shadow