Debbie Waldron

As a girl, I was a shy quiet little artist, who would climb to the tallest tree with my sketch pad, to capture my surroundings. I always had a sketch pad with me, dragging it to school, church and even to bed (putting it under my pillow). I tried painting -- watercolors, etc. -- but decided to stick with color pencils.

As for training, I took a year of art in high school. Then in June '96 I bought my first Wacom Tablet and graphics program and went 'digital'. I love to draw, and would do so all day if I could. My subject specialty is wildlife -- something about wildlife stirs the artist within me. I love studying and learning about animals.

When I was younger, I felt despair that I could not help save endangered species. I have since decided that if I could draw them well and show their true beauty, it might inspire others to care for their plight. Drawing wildlife is a passion, but I actually love drawing anything and everything.

I work as a freelance Graphic Designer. Recently I also become a Webmaster -- I wanted an online portfolio, and so taught myself HTML and everything else I needed to open a site online.

I keep getting job offers for graphic design... rarely for illustration. But I am still trying ;)

Words of inspiration? "Never give up, success is always further than it seems."

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