Eric Honeycutt

I used to be the kind of person who kept his work to himself. I had no desire to share my photos with anyone because I was simply taking photographs for my own personal enjoyment. Then, through encouragement from friends and family, I was talked into getting my work 'out of the closet' if you will. Thus, I created my own web page and in late 1997 started getting exposure.

I have been into photography for roughly five years. I know that it is my niche because of my ability to analyze and even interpret light. Ever since I was a child, I have always been aware of the dynamics of light. I could distinguish a morning twilight from an evening twilight while comparing photos; I could tell if a photo had been taken in the winter or the summer (i.e. a 'whiter' light prevails in the winter as opposed to a more golden 'warmer' light in the summer). When I was 22 or so, I realized that photography was dominated by the essence of light in all of its many facets. Thus, I knew then that I had to become a photographer.

I have began to entertain requests for my work from various people, but technically I am new to the scene. I'm currently employed in agronomics and horticulture, but am seriously considering a career in photography should the right opportunity arise.

My inspirations are Ansel Adams, of course, and nature. I have never had lessons in photography nor have I taken any classes. I am merely an amateur photographer who now wants to promote the awesome dynamics of nature.

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Lunar Eclipse