Frank Vogan

As a biologist, I've always had a love of nature and animals. Growing up as a military dependent, and serving for several years in the Army gave me both an opportunity for and a love of traveling. I have a very extensive list of "dream vacations" that I'm trying to work my way through. National Parks throughout the US, every continent on the planet, you name the locale, it's probably on the list. My day job is in the pharmaceutical industry, but I live for the time I'm able to get out into the woods, on the water, or just be there waiting for the sun to rise.

Photographically, my interests and subjects are usually animals (all kinds - birds, mammals, reptiles, etc.) in their environment. Researching an area, finding where the animals usually pass, setting up to wait for them, and getting the perfect shot. Any or all of these are what drive me. Sometimes, even if I don't get the shot, just the opportunity to be outside, observing what's going on around me is completely satisfying. I also occasionally shoot scenics. Water is usually an important component of any scenic I shoot. I find it very relaxing to watch and listen to the water, be it falling, flowing, or completely still.

I've been shooting seriously for about seven years, and am constantly trying to improve my skills. In all, shooting is a relaxing hobby, and I shoot what I enjoy.

Equipment is generally Canon (A2 or EOS-3 bodies) and associated Canon "L" series lenses, extenders, and extension tubes, with some older shots taken with a Yashica FX-D system. Films are Fuji Velvia, Provia 100F, or Kodak E100S, E100SW, or E100VS.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me!

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Running Zebras