Gaynor Lewis

Gaynor Lewis was born in Derbyshire in the UK. She spent part of her childhood living in NSW, Australia before moving back to the UK, again to Derbyshire, where she still resides. Having always had a love for nature and wildlife, it seems only just that she chooses to make it the subject for many of her paintings and drawings. She has kept various animals over the years such as horses, snakes, lizards, some birds, fish, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and mice, which has helped her study conformation and habits of some subjects as well as being very rewarding in itself.

Her other love is for the unusual and outrageous. This is shown in some of her illustrations that are more alternative, often with a gothic or whimsical flavor.

Gaynor's artwork is in private collections in the UK, U.S.A & Europe and she has exhibited in the UK and USA.

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Blue Tit