Gordana Jovanovic

Greetings from England! I was born January, 26th, 1977 and am now living in Staffordshire, the home of "The Potteries," the home of Spode, and of world famous Wedgewood Pottery. After graduating from Staffordshire University with a BA in Graphic Design, I have gained 3 years experience working in the graphics industry using software including Quark Xpress and Photoshop, working full time and now and then as a freelancer. Another hobby of mine is writing poetry.

In August, I painted a piece of art for the Children's ward of my regional hospital and plan to be painting a wall mural in the new year.

I also created a series of card designs for Devonshire Cards in London and a couple of smaller Greetings Card publishers.

I am pleased to share some of my work on E-Cards.com. If you like my work, you'll be glad to hear that it is available to buy on Ebay. I also welcome greetings card commissions and publication offers.

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Daisies In Pot