Grae Teasdale

At 13, my father stumbled across a photograph I'd taken and decided I showed enough talent that I needed a "proper camera". Since then I have been at various times a theatre, industrial and editorial photographer. Other times I have been chasing the money in more "mundane" professions. Now I am concentrating more on my photography and especially my landscapes. I truly enjoy what I'm doing now!

I love travel, enjoy history, maps, people, landscapes and nature. My love of exploration lead me from Europe to Oregon. Here, I discovered an abundance of beauty ranging from mountains to high-deserts, lavish forests to lava flows, rivers and streams to hidden mountain lakes, and, the best coastline in the world.

I like to find the patterns and textures of nature, whether in close-up or in a distant mountain view. I believe an artist will always find a way to be an artist, no matter how good their camera might be. The use of space, balance, and composition are more important to me than technical proficiency.

Regularly I hike the forests, discovering rivers and mountains and if you too happen to stumble across my path, you'll find me with at least one camera and an idea for an image. I am now, a Pacific Northwest Photographer.

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