Greg Lief

Greg Lief is a self-taught photographer, software developer, and musician. Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest in 1988, Greg was overwhelmed by its natural beauty and eventually decided to begin documenting it. After several years of point-and-shoot experimentation, his wife pushed him into the world of "real" cameras, which removed many of the technical limitations and opened a world of creative possibilities.

Armed with a Nikon SLR, Fuji film, and his trusty tripod, Greg explores rivers, waterfalls, forests, and mountains throughout the states of Oregon and Washington. His goal is to share these images with others so that they can share his connection with something more substantial than the trappings of modern society. He also hopes that, upon seeing these images, others will join him in his continuing mission to protect this natural beauty for future generations.

Visit Greg's website for hundreds of beautiful examples of the Pacific Northwest, including the Columbia Gorge, Gifford Pinchot National Forest, Oregon Cascades, Oregon Coast Range, and Silver Falls State Park.

featured image

Triple Falls