Greg Summers

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I moved to Colorado in 1965 to work as a ski patrolman and after a year went back to school. I graduated from the University of Colorado and stayed in my new home and went into the insurance business. Five years ago, in need of an image of The Flatirons -- a rock formation that is the symbol of Boulder, Colorado -- to use on a brochure advertising my business, I bought my first digital camera. I got some good images but I also got more. I was inspired by my experience and began to shoot on a daily basis. I moved from digital to film. One megapixel was not enough. I now use two film SLRs and a number of lenses and have since incorporated a new 5 megapixel digital camera into my photo tool chest.

My main interest is the outdoors; nature and wildlife. But I also have a fascination for gardens and flowers. In addition to nature, I find great satisfaction in portraiture and am branching in to photographing interiors. Through photography, I have learned to understand the rhythms and cycles of nature as I never knew them. Photography has taught me to see things differently and I've gained a sense of reverence for the art of nature. It is my hope that when others see my images, they will want to preserve the beauty of nature that is quickly disappearing. I hope you enjoy my interpretations of what I see and love so much.

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Moment of Wonder