Gretchen Scholtz

Gretchen's fantastic photos illustrate a true passion for both photography and wildlife. She captured a number of her images while on safari in Africa. There, she met a Kenyan man named Benson Mugambi, who has set up his own local touring company. She and her safari companions toured with him for a couple of weeks - enjoying the many inspiring scenes now shown through her work. To learn more about Benson Mugambi's touring company, you may visit his website at:

Also while in Africa, Gretchen visited a friend of her husband's family, Cynthia Moss, in Amboseli, Kenya. Cynthia has been studying elephants in Amboseli for more than 30 years, and works for the African Elephant Conservation Trust. If you are interested in learning more about this organization, please visit its website at:

featured image

Cape Buffalo with Cattle Egret