Jalal Ali

Dr. Jalal Ali was born in Damascus, Syria in 1974. At the age of 8 he began music lessons on a mini-keyboard. His passion for music played a major role in developing his musical talent. After finishing school, he entered the college of medicine to graduate and then to specialize in Internal Medicine.

In 1999 he discovered the world of midi music, and started composing short music pieces in midi format, and in 2001, began publishing these online. Jalal Ali's midi-files have amazed web visitors, many describing him as one of the best midi composers on the web. Later, he shifted towards producing mp3 music and created two albums: Peace in The Heart and Whisper of December.

For Jalal Ali, music is a way to express thoughts, feelings and wishes, and his view of peace, beauty and perfection. Jalal Ali is still learning composition by exploring new styles and sounds - he never considers himself a proficient composer. His wish is to reach every human heart with the gift of music.