Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund

Born in Poland, Joanna moved to Sweden -- following her love. She is a biologist by education, and has been interested in photography for more than 15 years. Her grandfather and her uncle are also avid photographers. Although she has never taken a photography course, her own photographic experiments have taught her valuable lessons over time.

In northern Sweden, where she and her family are living currently, Joanna is especially fascinated by the snow and frost that create some incredible combinations over the land. The photograph above is excellent example of how she is able to capture the essence of these winter-designs.

A self-proclaimed lover of hedgehogs, Joanna finds these creatures fascinating and tries to understand their habits. She hopes to learn enough to help them survive in an environment which is changed by humanity so very fast. She also enjoys capturing the life and nature of her surroundings through the photographic medium, and takes pleasure in sharing these images with others.

featured image

Winter Landscape