John E. Marriott

John E. Marriott's photographs are some of the most spectacular images you can find of the beautiful Canadian Rockies wilderness.

Although he's only 27 years old, John's accomplishments are impressive. He recently published his first book, a pocket guide to the wildlife of the Canadian Rockies, called Central Rockies Mammals, which he authored and did most of the photographs for. In addition, John worked as a park naturalist / ranger for Parks Canada in Banff National Park from 1992-1996, has been a professional freelance photographer for three years and is a partner in the Canadian Rockies Net travel planning web site.

In addition, John has been published in several major Canadian publications, including Canadian Geographic and used to write regular wildlife columns in several Alberta newspapers. John is a frequent photo guide and guided in Knight Inlet on the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada at a grizzly bear viewing lodge for five weeks in autumn, 1997.

John graduated from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry in 1994. He lives with his wife, Christine, in Canmore, Alberta, Canada, fifteen minutes from Banff and four hours north of Montana, USA.

John's love for wildlife is nothing new. In fact, he writes, "I used to pay my brother and sister twenty-five cents an animal when we drove through the Rockies as children. Their chief job was to watch the side of the road that I couldn't watch (since I unfortunately do not and did not have eyes on either side of my head) and try to spot bears and the like. In those days, my 'brilliant' photographs with my fabulous $20 Instamatic always seemed to turn out to be fuzzy specks in a vast landscape."

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Mountain Scene in Fog