John Van Dyke

Peponi was created by well-known Seattle designer John Van Dyke. The name Peponi is Swahili, an African dialect, meaning "good place"...something John discovered on one of his trips to East Africa.

While Peponi studio has been widely recognized for its award winning design work in interactive media and motion graphics, Van Dyke's real passion is in exploring design, places, things and new ideas in communication. John has combined some of these with his website. His website is an experience. It has things to learn, visit, and explore. "Plans are in the works for some interesting additional content. I truly believe that Peponi should be a 'good place' to visit", states Van Dyke.

Along the way, John started shooting photographs to record some of his travels. An acquaintance and highly regarded wildlife photographer suggested John's work was of professional quality. After a long career in design and buying from top photographers in the country, John is finally making his own photographic work public and shooting additional material for stock.

Images are available on the following: East African wildlife - Kenya, Tanzania, Mt Kilimanjaro, Island of Lamu and vicinity, Seychelles, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, South Pacific Islands, Pacific Northwest volcanoes (climbing) and Mexican volcanoes (climbing).

featured image

Giraffes walking