John Wasserman

John Wasserman resides in Clinton County, Pennsylvania. He is frequently exposed to beautiful scenery and all sorts of wildlife in the remote part of the state he resides in. John lives in the heart of over one million contiguous acres of very mountainous state forest, and the beauty of this area inspired him to learn photography many years ago.

John is a self-taught freelance photographer and writer. Much of the money he earns with his images is used to purchase more photographic equipment, including computer equipment for digital imaging and photo restoration. His photographs have been published in the book, Pennsylvania Wildlife: A Viewers Guide, and many magazines, newspapers, calendars, and other publications.

Visit John's website where you will see many beautiful images of wildlife, and fantastic scenery from picturesque Clinton County, the Rocky Mountains, Maui, Alaska and the Yukon Territory. He also has some interesting examples of what can be done to dramatically restore damaged photographs through digital imaging.

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