Jolee Pink

California artist Jolee Pink started her career as a graphic designer. She skillfully applies her eye for color and composition to her alluring scenic photography.

After moving to the seaside town of Encinitas, CA, Jolee's appreciation of the ocean environment grew, along with an interest in working with clay. She studied her natural surroundings to create captivating ceramic sculptures infused with an organic appeal.

Winning national recognition for her outdoor sea life sculpture garden and interior mural work, Jolee started her innovative company, Wabisabi Green, to showcase her colorful ceramic sculpture and stylish design for the home and garden. Jolee's passion to fuse her artistic expression with home accessories designed to promote greener living led to the development of her modern EcoArt collections.

Her designs are inspired by nature, world travels and the southern California coastal lifestyle. She combines bright colors with fresh bold designs to add sizzle and pop to her eco chic home decor line.

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Moonlight Glow