Jon Lewis

I am the founder of Life Tools Photography, a business based on 1) my passion for nature and 2) a Zen approach to photography. Why? Because the mind works in pictures. A Zen approach to photography provides an interesting twist to picture taking, turning an everyday hobby into a kind of "high tech" meditation. How? Photography provides the structure, Zen provides the process. Together they form a tool for increasing awareness by focusing the eye and mind to simply notice... to learn more about Life Tools, you may visit my website.

Capturing the light as it paints the landscape is a process as dynamic as the transformation of the land itself. I use a small, lightweight 35mm camera with large format technique to create my images. This approach enables me to reach difficult locations quickly while still achieving tack-sharp enlargements up to 32" x 48". Canon EOS bodies/lenses and Fuji Velvia film (though digital is rapidly becoming a more and more attractive alternative).

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