Judith Drewien

The following are excerpts from an e-mail interview with Judith:

What kind of work / accomplishment have you done in the world of photography?

Although my first passion is Art and Drawing, Photography has allowed me to view a whole new medium in art. Accomplishments include: Taking photographs for a major Telecommunications Company which are displayed in their regional offices in Santa Clara, California. I have also worked with a retail company in Newark, California, where I photographed a father and daughter modeling their head wear.

Why the interest in art? / How many years have you been pursuing photography?

Born and raised on the Monterey Peninsula, I have always felt an appreciation for the outdoors and nature. Growing up, my mother and father would drive my sister and me to the beach so we could watch the sunset. Even as a young girl, I can remember wanting to take a picture of the beautiful sky and sunset.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you and your art / photography?

A high school teacher (in retrospect) was an inspiration to me. Challenging me to always draw, sculpt, paint or photograph something "out of the ordinary".

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? / What is your goal with artwork?

I work for Cable Television. Art and photography is where I find my inner peace. My goal for my artwork is "to capture the beauty of nature through photography, so others may share in its splendor".

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