Julian Smith

The following are excerpts from an e-mail interview with Julian:

I've been a professional artist since the early '60s, working in oils and watercolor, and have won some local awards, mainly for watercolor and mixed media. I spent several years as a potter till a back and knee injury took me to the computer.

My main interest was and is brush and ink line drawing, and I guess my focus has been on draughtsmanship; from the old masters of the Renaissance, to the Japanese and Chinese artists' brush work, and on to present day artists with a strong fist for drawing.

When I started using a Mac 4 or 5 years ago, I wondered if it was possible to create something that didn't identify itself immediately, and obviously, as computer generated. It is, and I find combining whatever talent I might have with the Mac's technology quite intriguing.

I work full time as an artist. If I'm not working for an exhibition, I still work, as I think most artists do.

What are the two most compelling reasons someone would want to visit my site? I think it would be to see the computer used like a painter's canvas, and the software as an almost unlimited palette. And, of course, I hope people would find it visually rewarding.

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