Kevin Sink

Kevin Sink is a professional photographer specializing in large format photography of the natural landscape. As an expression of his passion for the outdoors, he has been photographing nature since the age of 10, when he took up the hobby of bird watching. Kevin began shooting professionally in 1989.

Years of photographic field work around the country and a graduate degree in biology have given nature a profound relevance in Kevin's life, something he shares through his photographs. This passion for the natural world, combined with his technical expertise, results in his ability to translate the delicate moods and artistry of nature to the final print.

"There are special places and times where the aesthetics of nature combine with our senses to create a profound sense of place. My photographic ambition is to re-create that feeling on a two-dimensional piece of paper. This process is both challenging and rewarding, but in the end any credit must go to nature herself. I hope my work inspires people to become closer to their natural environment, and to work for the preservation of wild places."

Using mainly a large format (4 x 5) camera, Kevin travels extensively to capture new landscape and nature subjects. Recent trips have taken him to Italy, Switzerland, Idaho, St. Louis, Arkansas, and Colorado. His stock photographic images have been featured in a variety of magazines, books, calendars, and other publications including National Geographic books, National Geographic Traveler, National Parks Magazine, Audubon calendars, Missouri Life magazine, on Hallmark cards, and in hundreds of other publications.

Kevin makes his home with wife Ann and their children, Stephan and Annika, in Roeland Park, Kansas. Kevin's other interests are bird watching, cycling, reading and camping with his family.

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Portland Head Lighthouse