Lance Pearson

I live with my wife and our greyhound, Kate, on property above the James River just south of Richmond, Va. at Dutch Gap on a bluff 110' above the water 200 yards from an American bald eagle nest. We live across from the very spot that John Rolfe met and fell in love with Pocahontas and on property that was also the high ground the last year of the Civil War with both Blue and Grey troops skirmishing and reconnoitering back and forth. History is everywhere as are mild winters, people, plants, flowers and wildlife.

After managing heavy business responsibilities for years in N. America I retired at 53 and took time to do the things I hadn't been able to before which included sailing trips to Bermuda and Mexico, teaching AP English, doing economic development work part time and other jobs of interest or service while continuing to take photographs and morph from 35 mm film Nikons to digital cameras such as the Olympus OM-10 used to take these images. When I'm not too lazy and have time I print and matte my photos and sell them in art fairs. The world of nature and people provide endless images and potential for photos that tell stories or show how wonderful life can be for anyone who can appreciate them or who is driven by intellectual curiosity.

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Crimson Fall Mums