Maxine Cameron

She has always felt an affinity and a fascination with the Natural world since spending her childhood on a farm in Essex. After Art School (Norwich) she spent some years painting Landscapes throughout E .Anglia UK.

She now lives and works as a practicing artist in London UK. Her work now focuses on Wildlife images but painted with a new approach. Open space art.

Her images leap right out at you as they sit at the very front of the canvas, and are more like windows than paintings.

Having no background, no environment can be seen either as positive space or as a vanishing reality. She wants them to have engaging characters, quirky surreal stories with humor and pathos, be dramatic yet still, as if the moment of viewing is suspended in time, before the story carries on.

Although she lives in London, she is very lucky to still be surrounded by wildlife. The fox paintings are all based on a family of foxes I watched grow up and became really friendly with. It's Wonderful to see and share.

featured image

Mama Mia!