Melinda Carvalho

In all of the photographs that I take, as well as the subsequent Polaroid transfers that I create, I try to present simplicity and balance. These are two things that I am constantly striving for in my own life. I am drawn to simple objects and shapes and attempt to capture the observer's eye with bright colors, interesting textures or familiar everyday images that may go unnoticed.

I have been working exclusively with Polaroid transfer photography for about 5 years, focusing on both image and emulsion transfers. I was immediately drawn to the moodiness of the prints and the variety that can be produced during the printing process. I also enjoy the creativity of hand coloring these images with pastel and watercolor pencils. I love the fact that you really never know what result you might get!

Please, visit my website to learn more about the Polaroid transfer process and to see more of my original images.

featured image

Palm Tree