Michael Pach

I first started taking pictures in 1983 while on a backpacking trip in Colorado. I was a high school sophomore at the time and borrowed my brother's camera for the trip. I immediately fell in love with both Colorado and photography, and I haven't stopped snapping pictures. I moved to Colorado in 1996 and now spend a lot of time in the mountains exercising my camera equipment (and my legs).

I am a former engineer with an MBA who has turned his hobby into a business. For years, people have told me that I have a great eye for a picture, and when I decided to start a website in the summer of 2000, I received nothing but encouragement from my friends and family. Since its inception, the business has kept me busy working with clients across Colorado like the Heart of the Rockies Chamber of Commerce and the Colorado Activity Centers.

I am glad to have the opportunity to share some of my work with you through E-Cards and my online gallery. Please visit my web site, where you can learn about all of the photo-related products and services offered at AdventureCam Photography.

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Island Lake