Michelle Snyder

While Michelle Snyder spends much of her day marketing software, she likes to spend most of her free time traveling or planning her next trip.

Her love of traveling started early on during a family road trip to "virtually every national park west of the Mississippi". While still in love with the mountains, rivers, canyons and forests of the Western U.S. (most of which she didn't find growing up in Wisconsin) she finds particular joy in seeking out new cultures and experiences in far away lands. Recent trips have ranged from the Festival Au Desert in Mali to the temples of Bagan in Mynanmar.

"I love to capture moments and experiences that my friends and family may never see so I can give them a new perspective on the world. I hope that my photography can inspire others to be more curious about life outside of the U.S. and have their own amazing travel experiences".

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Toureg Women in Timbuktu