Minerva Bloom

Minerva Bloom was born in a small town situated in a valley next to the Western Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. She's currently living in South Florida, married, and a proud mother of three children.

Minerva is the author of three poetry collections in print and two chapbooks as well as several other poetry collaborations, all available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores.

Her photography has been featured in several book covers in the USA, Canada, and India. She's currently working on a bilingual collection of her poetry and photography.

Artist's Statement:

"I celebrate each day for the opportunity to experience the many lessons that nature provides. I'm in a constant state of gratefulness as I continue to explore my passion for photography.

It is my hope that others may see nature's possibilities and magnificence, reflected within themselves through these photographs, so they in turn be inspired to their own individual expressions.

In photography, I have a love for the whimsical and overall I enjoy organic expressions. I'm specially fond of trees, clouds and images of roots.

I prefer to take shots that are spontaneous--as if their composition suddenly appeared in a moment of newfound wonder. Each day brings a different perspective: like welcoming sunlight, glistening on a batch of freshly fallen, rain-watered blossoms.

It is within this element of surprise that I'm able to explore an organic world always in flux. Nature can be primitive, violent and at the same time, beautiful. I try my best not to dress it up, or to overly compose it with props."

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