Monica Van der Weer

Monica Van der Weer was raised on a hobby farm near Bowmanville, Ontario. She grew up with four sisters and one brother. The family's goats, chickens, cows, rabbits, horses and dogs were their constant companions and best friends. Monica's family and her love of animals have always been her passion.

Monica now lives in an old farmhouse on a gravel road near Stratford, Ontario, Canada with her husband Robert. They share their home with three "indoor" cats (Scooter, Jocomo and Quincy), Othello (a black Labrador Retriever), and a pile of strays who come for meals in the woodshed.

Portraits of cats and dogs and her other farmyard companions are Monica's favourite subjects. Many of them are the pets or livestock of friends and family. Of course, she frequently features her own pets in her paintings. Monica has never met an animal that she didn't like or want to take home.

Working with acrylic paints on masonite board, Monica uses intense colours and includes even the smallest details in her work. She takes pride in conveying the expressions and emotions of her animal friends in each painting.

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Teatime With Angel