Nolan Wolff

South Africa is quite literally a "world in one country," with lush tropical forest, majestic mountain ranges, deserts, open grasslands and miles of pristine coastline, all within a few hours' drive. I was fortunate to have spent ten years studying and working in probably the most beautiful city in the world -- Cape Town.

Although I am very much an amateur photographer, I can't help but be inspired by the beauty and splendor of the natural environment. I really enjoy nature, wildlife and landscape photography, and South Africa's incredible biodiversity always seems to provide new and interesting subjects. Although I'm currently living in London, I try to get back to Cape Town as often as possible.

I have done a fair bit of traveling too, and have visited some fairly remote locations on scuba diving trips (I am a qualified PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer). I dabble in underwater photography, but I still have much to learn (so you won't be seeing any underwater pictures any time soon!).

I find photography is a great way to express my creativity, and I enjoy experimenting with exposure, filters and lenses. I don't have any illusions about my photographic talent though: I just think it's a great way to capture memories and share experiences with friends.

In real life, I don't have nearly enough opportunities to take photographs: I spend far too much time studying and working. Besides having degrees in Actuarial Science and Information Systems, I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder, and will graduate from the London Business School with a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in July 2003. I have worked in pensions, asset management, and recently in management consulting for a large, international strategy consulting firm.

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Mountain sunset