Oscar Gutierrez

Oscar Gutierrez is a freelance photographer who has recently moved to Terre Haute, IN from Syracuse, NY. Oscar's formal training is in electrical engineering but his passion is photography. He has been interested in photography since his teens and is self-taught in photography. In the last few years, from the encouragement from friends and family, he has taken photography more seriously and has entered and won several photo contests. His images have appeared in calendars ("A Naturalist View of Central NY") and publications by Lockheed Martin. He has also been displaying his images at local establishments and a strong interest in his images is developing.

Oscar's main interests are in capturing nature's beauty - from small colorful butterflies to majestic mountains. He also finds great pleasure in being outdoors and looking for nature's details and hidden abstract beauty, which is so easily overlooked. With the advent of the Internet, Oscar has found a new venue to showcase his images. He is now redirecting his strong computer skills from his engineering background to developing his photography website and helping others in developing sites for their art or business.

featured image

Glory Lily (gloriosa lily)