Randy Osgerby

Randy bought his first SLR over 30 years ago and has been chasing photo ops ever since. He has been shooting underwater video since the early 90s. In his scuba diving travels around the world, he has witnessed firsthand the steady and sometimes rapid decline of coral reefs as well as the decimation of marine mammal and fish stocks due to pollution, overfishing, and global warming.

Sadly, mankind's damaging effect on the environment has not been limited to the sea. Hundreds, if not thousands of land species are also threatened or endangered. It is these species that Randy is most drawn to. He hopes that his photographs will help raise awareness of their plight and give viewers something to think about.

Randy is involved with several organizations dedicated to wildlife conservation. In the sea, his biggest interest is the protection of humpback whales. On land, bears and exotic cats are his favorite causes. His idea of the perfect day is having a big predator with big teeth lined up in a big lens!

featured image

Bali Sunset