Royce B. McClure

As a diving and tropical fish enthusiast since early childhood, it was only natural that Royce would gravitate toward the colors and patterns of nature and marine life. Royce's delight in the natural world is reflected in the wonderfully creative and colorful fish, frogs and other creatures that spring to life in his images.

Incredibly, Royce did not receive any formal training in art - he started painting landscapes at the age of 19 and found he could immediately make a living, which he did and basically learned on the job. He began using the airbrush two years later and found himself following a career as an airbrush illustrator for the next 15 years. By this time his wildlife and marine airbrush art had attracted a large enough following that he was able to retire from commercial illustration and concentrate solely on painting his colorful wildlife images.

Royce's website contains some of the boldest and brightest animal art ever painted. He has taken his years as an airbrush illustrator and developed a unique airbrush technique that shows the beauty in nature like never before.

Give your eyes a treat and visit the Royce B. McClure's Website »>RoyceArt website where you can view more of his wonderful art and even download some free RoyceArt wallpapers, buttons and other goodies!

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Juicy Jumpers