Steven Katzman

Steven Katzman is a self-taught photographer who has combined, over the years his long-time interest in political science with his photographic journey. Although he does not work from anyone's theories on the appropriate direction for contemporary art, most of his photographs exemplify the post modernist notion that to be relevant to the final quarter of the 20th century, art needs to be political in nature. Katzman is, however, an artist, not a propagandist. Consequently, his images are not overtly political: the viewer must take time to think about each photograph to arrive at its ultimate message.

Katzman wants the viewer to think about the image and answer these specific questions in his or her mind: Who is the person in the photograph? What is (or was, in the case of the death images) their life like? How do you feel about the issues being raised?

Katzman has already asked these questions of himself. He arrived at his answers through the direct experience of being up close and personal with his subject no matter how emotionally difficult it was for him. Through photography, Katzman attempts to share his experiences with the viewer.

In 1991, Katzman received a $35,000 corporate grant from Eastman Kodak Professional Photography Division; Reflections of the Spirit, a personal odyssey of a young boy struggling to become a man through the vehicle of boxing. The following year he received corporate grants from Beseler Company, Polaroid, JOBO Fototechnic, and Techno-Balcar. He has exhibited nationally and internationally and is in numerous museum collections. The photographer is currently documenting spiritual and faith healing.

Steven Katzman resides in Sarasota along with his wife Sharon, Miss Sophie (Lakeland Terrier) and Miles (Share Pei).

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Young Boxer