Valerie Sauder

I am a recent graduate of Eastern University in St. Davids, PA with a B.A. in Marketing, I also am in the process of finishing the Complete Course in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography.

I have enjoyed drawing, music and being creative ever since I was a little girl. Photography is just another way that I can exercise the right side of my brain a little bit more. My love for photography progressed rapidly when I received my Olympus -3020 digital camera for Christmas two years ago.

My favorite subjects to photograph are flowers close up, farm or wild animals, and pretty much anything found in the natural world of the outdoors. I love photography over and above painting or drawing because I can capture the subject exactly as I see it. As a photographer my goal is to capture a scene or subject in such a way so that when you, the viewer, look at my photographs you will experience the same feelings and inspirations that I felt when I viewed the subject or scene face to face for the first time. Another recent interest of mine has been creating websites. I recently created a website to display my photography.

featured image

Bumble Bee on Chive Flowers