Virginia Furness

Virginia Raquel Peralta de Furness was born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1964 and came to the USA with her parents as a small child. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia with a BS in Occupational Therapy and practiced as a certified upper extremity specialist for 11 years. In conjunction with work, she was involved in raising her 4 small boys and studied photography and art at various colleges as the family moved across the United States. She now resides in Golden, Colorado with her family and continues to study photography, art and digital art independently.

"Photography allows me to express my personal response to real and imagined experiences. Photographic artists transcend the camera's purely optical nature in order to be guided by the importance and mystical significance of worldly beauty."

The relationship between art and faith was expressed in an editorial in the first issue of the American Amateur Photographer in July 1889.

"It is not saying too much to affirm that there is a moral element in the practice of the art picturesque...the morality which springs from the purpose, single and earnest, to interpret to unseeing eyes some portion, at least, of the charm and beauty with which God has filled this home of his making..."

"Such an earnest purpose as this lifts photography above the level of a mere pastime: it makes it an inspiration; an interpreter of the thoughts of God. He who has this purpose...will become a diligent and thoughtful seeker after the beautiful in nature, and, so far as lies in his power, an interpreter of it."

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