Wendi Ross

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I feel fortunate to live in such a scenically bountiful area. Where else, on a July day, could you go snow skiing in the morning, climb an active volcano in the afternoon, and still have dinner at the beach that evening? Only in the Northwest!

My love of photography started years ago in junior high school. I have also studied photography at The Oregon College of Art and Craft, Beaverton, Oregon. Only in recent years have I become so driven -- taking 5-6 rolls a week. I hope to someday be able to work for myself and focus on photography.

I am interested in advertising and architectural photography. I freelance in equine photography and also enjoy animal portraits, candid people shots, and scenery. I raise ponies in Kalama, Washington -- they are often my favorite subject matter.

.. hoping to make a full time living behind the lens someday!

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