Wildcat Photography

Wildcat Photography - where animals have the right-of-way, and dogs rule. Located about 30 miles inland from the central Oregon Coast, my family has lived on Wildcat Creek since at least 1880. Many of my photos were taken here at home or very nearby. Because I have been here so long, I know my surroundings and the wildlife quite well, and I never disturb or endanger the wildlife just to get the photo. I like to do it all, from developing the film and photographs, using Photoshop to make the print, mounting the photo, cutting the mats, and framing the photo. I know that no matter how many years I photograph, there will always be something more fun around the bend.

I have over thirty years experience, and have been certified for ten years by Professional Photographers of America. I'm a member of Oregon Crafted, as well as the North American Nature Photography Association. I've also enjoyed taking many other classes and workshops. I have an Associate of Applied Science degree in Broadcasting/Visual Design and Production, specializing in Photography. I am trained and experienced in forensic/evidence photography, and worked with the sheriff's office and state police, photographing crime scenes and victims for six years.

I use 35mm, Mamiya RB67, video, digital cameras, digital darkroom, and conventional darkroom. I'm available for teaching workshops.

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