Yonka Agova

My images are of mixed media. Wherever I go, I look for and explore flowers. In part, I use images that I myself have taken with my camera. I also paint with acrylic on paper flowers. After that I scan and mix the images in the computer using brushes, filters and my imagination. I create a final image through my own vision and expression of feelings associating different colors, shapes and forms. I believe that certain colors correspond with certain states of mind: red stands for passion, yellow for happiness, green brings harmony, and rose is love.

For my art and life, I always get my inspiration from nature. Six years ago, I moved to California. To me the sunset of Manhattan beach, the power of the Pacific Ocean and the beauty and endless harmony of flowers symbolize the meaning of human life. Flowers blossom and fade, they are full of beauty and joy. This is the endless manifestation of life. Using my imagination, I see in each flower the inner life and character. I feel the subtle vibrations of the many shades of color. I used to paint with acrylic and watercolor mixed with pencil, but then the computer era challenged me. Hence, the computer became a new tool for me to create. In 1998, I finished computer graphics and multimedia studies at U.C.L.A. Now instead of paint as my media, I use light, movement and music. I have found a perfect way to express my talent.

Fifteen years ago in my native country Bulgaria, I graduated with Masters degree in Fine Art. My passion for art and nature comes from my artistic family. My father, a well known artist in my country, gave me my first lessons. My sister is also an artist. I have worked as a free-lance graphic designer and have exhibited my fine art as well. My paintings are part of private collections in the United States, Europe and Japan. In 1994 I received special award for my contemporary fine art in an annual competition in Santa Barbara. In 1995 in San Diego, I had a one-woman show that was graced by Senator John Glen. My goal is to bring joy, peace and love through my art.

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