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Gabe Martin

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The Borderline

The Borderline

Gabe Martin started The Borderline cartoon strip when he was only 14 years old. He got his first professional break when he was published in the San Diego Gas and Electric Company newsletter for $50 a cartoon. From there, he went on to publish in the San Diego Union-Tribune at age 16 (computer cartoons), and published his first book at age 17!

In December, 1994 The Borderline became only the second daily Internet cartoon on the web (Dr. Fun was the first).

Today, Gabe is working on a second book and still contributes to the San Diego Union-Tribune. In addition, he continues to publish The Borderline and is currently ghost-writing/drawing for a nationally-syndicated cartoon strip which he may end up taking over when the current cartoonist retires. All that, plus he is working with a CD-ROM distributor on a cooperative deal to distribute cartoons through its channels.

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