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Oscar Cintronmarina

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Blooming Light

Blooming Light

I'm a self-taught photographer. Books and practice are my teachers and the learning is neverending. I've had a camera for many years and always took photographs. But it was not until October 2002, that I began to seriously study photography on my own. Since then I've learned many things related to good photography. I no longer set the camera in automatic mode and hope for the best. Now, I have some inkling as to what I'm doing and have more input on the final product.

Animals are my favorite models. They don't complain and are unpredictable, which allows me to capture a little of their personality. I photograph people, as well, but it entails a lot more coordination. Unless I work with a trained or experienced model, I become not only a photographer, but a coach and trainer as well. Animals, however, are always themselves. They are just as curious about me as I am about them.

I hope you enjoy the photographs on E-Cards.com.

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