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Positive Feedback about E-Cards!

Although we get a lot of intrinsic pleasure out of developing E-Cards and providing a helpful service, it is always nice to hear from our customers. We have received thousands of wonderful letters from people all over the world who use E-Cards. Yes, we have received negative emails too and we have tried to use the feedback to impove our site. Below is a sample of the positive feedback we received. Thank you for your support!

What a wonderful concept! I feel sorry for my friends and relatives who do not have modems!
- Jill; Arizona USA

I love E-Cards! Please keep this service going! I have used it every day since I discovered it and would love to continue to use it daily! Thanks from us and the world's wildlife!
- Angel; Tennessee USA

This is a brilliant concept - and it's very 'environmentally friendly' too!
- Domenic; Australia

As a teacher, this is a must. I have shared it with many of my teacher friends, who will also be passing it on. I will continue to share it with other educators!
- Jean; California USA

I found the graphics to be excellent. I find using E-Cards convenient, in that I can send a card at anytime and for any occasion. It is easily accessible and easy to use. I find the drive behind this project excellent because I can help helpless creatures just by sending a card to someone, for free. It also makes the recipient happy.
- Deepa; South Africa

Compared to other similar sites, the images E-Cards are incredible. There's a much greater variety on this site than on others. Plus, the wildlife contribution is a great idea.
- Heather; IL USA

I really like the concept and I'm definitely interested in helping out with this cause in any way I can. I'm going to send E-Cards to all my friends abroad!
- Ananta - India

It's so easy, that even though I just started with Internet was able to send cards.
- Louise; Canada

I just love the whole concept, and it's for a worthy cause. I have had others thank me for putting them on to this site. Thank you for this website!
- Elena; Australia

I liked everything on this site. I think it is just a wonderful idea and it helps the wildlife too. How exciting! I plan to send them to other friends too. Thanks so very much for your creative and innovative idea. There should be more sites like yours that give something back just from using it.
- Robbie; Texas USA

I completely agree with the concept behind the E-Cards (raising money for WWF). It makes people feel that they're doing something good for the environment, and the images are great! I can't wait until more are added. I send E-Cards almost daily, they're a great way to make someone's day. By sending them, I make other people aware of this service and often get an E-Card in return.
- Duke; Canada

I love the idea that instead of wasting resources and cutting down trees to mail cards, you can say hello and actually help resources at the same time with a donation to the World Wildlife Fund. The concept is extrememly appealing to me.
- Syd; Virginia USA

This will make a little girl turning 5 years old today very happy!
- Don; Texas USA

This is a terrific use of the internet! It is the combination of capitalism, volunteerism, education, entertainment and it's a fun way to jot someone a note! What better way to use this box that has found it's way into our homes? The photos are BEAUTIFUL and the write-ups are just the right length to keep the reader's attention. Thank you for a job well done.
- Candyce; TX USA

The presentation is excellent, very good graphics. The site is easy to use, the selection is great - it's a very simple process. Thank You!
- Mike; WI

Thank you so much for coming up with such an innovative idea. As an animal lover you have no idea what it means to me. There isn't anything bad about this website! Good work by the programmers and designers!
- Chrissy; Singapore

I like everything about the site, I love the concept, and I really love sending e-mail postcards!
- Erin; Colorado USA

This is a wonderful site. I love that I'm keeping up on my correspondence while making a donation to WWF. Keep it up! One of the most beautiful and user friendly of the electronic postcard sites.
- Julianna; Washington USA

Hey, I think this is an excellent idea and a wonderful site! I really hope you manage to find a whole bunch of sponsors. Well done!
- Keemin; Singapore

I think this is one of the best ideas ever. I will definitely tell all my friends about this!
- Monica; Oregon USA

It's a great educational way of communicating to someone and makes us respect the wildlife. The photos and write-ups are brilliant and I would definitely recommend this to my friends.
- Emma; Wales, UK

I had been using other sites to send cards but will now use only yours. I'm very impressed with what you've done, it's a pleasure to use. Thank you for providing this for us!
- Barb; California USA

I loved the beautiful pictures and the contrast of colors. It was a really neat experience and I am proud to send E-Cards to loved ones and friends...
- Twyla; Texas USA

It's a great idea, and the first of it's kind that I've seen. It's excellent. I've enjoyed sending a card to friends.
- Pablo; Argentina

E-Cards is the most unique and user friendly card site that I have seen.
- Amy; North Carolina USA

I like the fact I can send a few words to a friend and give a picture of a place or animal we dont see within our culture.
- Maruquel; Chile

I love the idea of donating money to the World Wildlife Fund with each postcard sent.
- Michelle; Arizona USA

I thought the entire process was fast and painless and for a great cause. The site is well done and classy!
- Bob; NY USA

I like this so much! It's really cool because I can use it again and again send E-Cards to all of my friends.
-Frances; Purto Rico

I loved it. It is nice to learn new and interesting facts!
I am so excited, because it is different, fun, and educational!
I sent one to my daughter and my two nephews and niece. All are in college.
I will continue to send them until I have used them all!
Thank you so much!
- Stacie; Virginia USA

Brilliant idea, and I like the idea that something goes to charity.
- Wendy; Australia

A friend of mine is going through a difficult time and really loves receiving the E-Cards. It makes a big difference to both of us.
- Steve; Georgia USA

This place is really cool - the pictures the best. The meaning behind the E-Cards is great. I am an animal lover so I was really happy when my friend recommended this site to me. Thanks for setting up this meaningful and wonderful homepage. I will continue to send cards from here. Keep up the great job, everyone.
- Peaceman; Mexico

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